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Product name Inside Radius(I.R) Performance and Use Remark
Steam hose 13-76 Transfer saturated steam or super heated steam under 170<C. working pressure: 0.35MPaSteam,
Heat water0.8MPa
Petrolatum transfer hose 13-152 Be suitable for many services including gas, watch/machine oil, lubricating oil and other mineral oil at normal temperatureWorking pressure:0.5MPa-1.2MPa It can also adopt outside armoured configuration
Food transfer hose 25-152 Be used in creamery, breweries, cooking oil and liquid drink.Working pressure:0.5-0.8MPa  
Acids and alkalies transfer hose 25-203 Transfer diluent acids and alkalies solution at normal temperature.Working pressure:0.5-0.7MPa  
Wearable/durable sandblast hose 25-64 Pneumatic conveying for sandblastWorking pressure:0.6MPa Its inside wall can adopt butyl and fabric wall adopt fiberglass for strong acid transfer
Water tank bending hose 25-102 Be suited for engine to transfer wate It also can be used as hose of cement tank car
Drilling hose 51-102 Compression and oil resistant, wearable, be used as the flexible joint hose between Hujing hose hydrant and standpipe flange of drill.Working pressure:10-30MPa  
Nylon-line-enwinded blowing oxygen hose 51-127 Be used as flexible joint hope for pure oxygen blowing topmost convertorWorking pressure:1.5MPa It has metal tie-in at the two end
Suction&discharge mud hose 196-900 For dredger to suction and discharge mud .Working pressure:Working pressure:0.4-0.5MPa It can be equipped with flange tie-in on the basis of require.
Stiletto hose 25,32,40 For bridge&road projects to stiletto.The pull it can endure is 1.50-2.30kg per bar . Outside glue provides excellent ripping and dragging performance.

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