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Gas piping and gas project are regarded as a foundation project one of the symbol of modern metropolis, as new type of fuel, gas has a promising future of development in both civil and business fields. The gas transportation form west to east of china also indicate that in the future, piped gas will become the primary way for resources application in modern cities, as danger of gas it is hidden hazard and very complicated that installation is with former method and material. To resolve the problems which conditioned the development progress of metropolitan pied gas, our company developed the flexible metal hose for piped gas by reference of advanced in international production techniques.The flexible metal hose for gas has features of ensuring safety, easy to install as well as good appearance.

  1. the body of hose is made of high quality material of stainless steel with 20 years of technical maturation. The body has been flexible with intensified inner structure by high temperature process.
  2. The body has been covered with anti-ignited material which can protect the body and insulating, so it is easy buries underground or in the wall.
  3. The body is made of thin wall stainless steel, it can be over 30 meters length continue, therefore, is convenient for transportation and cut according to the requirement during installation and avoid the waste as well.

The same kind of production product has been wielded in Japan and western countries. The most important for the client opint is the latest one kilometer of installation of gas piping. We will provide you high-quality, safe, fine-appearance, convenient reasonable and advanced techniques products.



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